Building the Impossible Dream: The History of Zionism

Rediscover the dramatic story of modern Zionism with Shalem College's Dr. Daniel Polisar

Join Dr. Daniel Polisar on a journey through the miraculous reconstitution of the modern Jewish state, from Napoleon’s flirtations with Zionism to Herzl’s tireless Zionist advocacy to Menachem Begin’s peacemaking. A leading expert on Zionist history, Dr. Polisar will give you a tour of the big ideas and the heroic figures that defined the rise of Jewish nationalism.

Over 13 stimulating episodes, you will:

Cover the entire span of modern Zionist history, from Napoleon’s conquest and possible reconstitution of the Jewish state to Herzl’s tireless Zionist advocacy to Israel in the 21st century. 

Meet Zionism’s most important figures, including Theodor Herzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Chaim Weizmann, Moses Hess, Ahad Ha’Am, Max Nordau, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin, and many more.  

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Find out how Israel transformed itself from a poor, endangered nation into a thriving world power. 

Learn what the history of Jewish nationalism can tell us about modern Israeli society today. 

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